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Mary Lee is respected throughout the Northwest for her abilities as an intuitive healer, psychic medium, personal coach and business consultant. With a background in business and her natural abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and medium communication, Mary Lee is able to join the world of energy with the world of matter. She has been featured on national television, as well as radio and in magazine publications. Helping people transform their lives is her greatest passion! 

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Mary Lee is a gifted Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Reiki Master Teacher. She is able to see the blueprint that we came in with when we are born, experiences that have affected it, and how to bring it back to perfection. She can clear energy blockages in the body and provide clear direction toward healing, whether the challenges are physical or emotional. LEARN MORE

Providing intuitive readings in person and via telephone, Mary Lee’s clients love her ability bring them the information they need, even when they didn’t know that’s what they wanted!   Her favorite compliment is that she has no judgment. LEARN MORE

Mary Lee uses her trained intuitive abilities to give you the edge in guiding your business and personal life. Clients admire her strong business background combined with her ability to see, hear, feel and sense the energy in people and things. Talk about clear direction! LEARN MORE

Mary Lee’s well-honed ability to clear stagnant, unbalanced, negative energy out of homes and businesses is one of the fastest ways to create change. Really Big Change! People carry their energy with them (good and bad) and leave it behind in your home and business after they are gone. LEARN MORE

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Find the greatest teachers, ask the hardest questions, they never say “Study philosophy” or “Get your degree.” They say “You already know.” — Richard Bach